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Daniel 'Stavro' Girizd is a digital-media artist based in Novi Sad/Belgrade, Serbia, who is into writing about himself in third-person.
Or am I.

I am a 33 year old digital-media artist from Serbia, with bachelor degree in graphic design, and during last 15+ years I have been into photography and compositing, video production working mainly as DP and editor, as well as activities such as parkour, adventure motorcycling, inline-skating (and operating cameras from skates... Infinite dolly with Alexa  anyone?), circus shows, fire performing, costume designing, stilt walking...

My passion is creating badass imagery, stationary, and moving kind.  That means I will use whatever means necessary in achieving the final look I have imagined.
Some of my works from portfolio are shot on phone, and some of them on 50k $ cinema cameras.
Guess which ones were used where.

Directing the production and postproduction for our project, is what I do, so we can get the best results with optimal resources.

Coca-Cola, Asus, Sevenfriday, Fiat, FCA Serbia, BMW, Mini, Jaffa, FrancK, Etre-Fort, Parkour ONE, Serbian Venture Network, Termovent, Movem Fashion, DM, Street Movement, Parkour Hrvatska, Parkour Serbia, Wolfram, Mortal Kombat band, Ničim izazvan band, Ludifico, Skochypstiks, AlterNacija, Alba Avis, Tib-Stil, Sentinel Active, PopArt Studio, Cultural Center of Novi Sad, Les MIlls, Fitness Center Šmek, Unisex Fitness

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