bio - stavrography

Daniel 'Stavro' Girizd is a visual medias artist based in Novi Sad/Belgrade, Serbia, who is into writing about himself in third-person.
Or am I.

I am a 30 years old digital/visual artist from Serbia, with bachelor degree in graphic design, and during last 10 years I have been into photography and compositing, video production, as well as parkour, inline-skating, circus shows, fire performing, costume designing, stilt walking, traveling...

My passion is creating badass imagery. That means I will use whatever means necessary in achieving the final look I have imagined. Some of my works from portfolio are shot on phone, and some of them on 30k euro camera.

If you, for some reason, like shitty imagery, I am not the guy for you.

Coca-Cola, Asus, Sevenfriday, Fiat, FCA Serbia, BMW, Mini, Jaffa, Etre-Fort, Parkour ONE, Serbian Venture Network, Movem, Street Movement, Parkour Hrvatska, Parkour Serbia, Wolfram, Mortal Kombat band, Ničim izazvan band, Ludifico, Skochypstiks, AlterNacija, Alba Avis, Tib-Stil, Sentinel Active, PopArt Studio, Cultular Center of Novi Sad, Les MIlls, Fitness Center Šmek, Unisex Fitness

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